Call on over 27 years of award winning laser engraving expertise at Premier Impressions.  Our factory can be an extension of your business if you are looking for a diverse range of processes under one roof.

Engraving marks flat products permanently using a laser beam and stands for Light Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


Our state of the art crystal laser machines carve precision images into mainly metal products.

Need to engrave around a product?


Premier has the 360° solution to laser engrave around metal objects, for example pens and mugs.


When you need to get an even bigger message across, this process does the job.

Do you want your wooden boomerang to come back engraved?


Then call Premier.


Co2 gas laser engraving is for complex substrates, for example cork, marble or perhaps fruit.


At Premier we have many different machines and methods to make that mark, if you think it, we’ll find a way to do it, let your creativity flow!

Individual names, bar codes, sequential numbers, serial numbers or QR codes, it’s all possible, just call Premier.